• We have an onsite and in-bound services for both Desktop’s and Laptop computer services, we provide the competitive prices for our services and spares to make feel our customers happy and to avoid and surprises.Bellow you can find our prices for most common repairs and spares

    Laptop Repair prices:

    Service description Spare Unit cost Service charges
    Testing diagnosis fees-250
    Laptop General service (Deep cleaning)500
    Hp, Dell, Lenovo Regular Model Keyboard Replacement800-1200300
    Hp, Dell, Lenovo High-end Model Keyboard Replacement1500-300300
    Hp, Dell, Lenovo Regular LED screen2500-3000500
    Hp, Dell, Lenovo HD and Touch model LED screen5000-8000500
    RAM upgrade All brands 4GB DDR32500-3500300
    RAM upgrade All brands 8GB DDR34500-6000300
    Broken Screen cover and bezel replace1500-2000500
    Broken Bottom base1500-2000500
    Broken Palm rest and top panel2000-3000500
    Laptop Display, Wi-Fi, Chipset Drivers installation-500
    Laptop Motherboard Graphic repair-1000
    Laptop Broken Hinges, Body Re-fabrication-1200
    Laptop Hard Disk Replace 250 Gb, 320 Gb2000-3000
    Laptop Hard disk replace 500Gb and 1tb4000-5000
    Laptop battery replace compatible1500-2000
    Laptop battery replace Originial2000-3500
    Laptop speakers replace800-1200300
    Laptop heating issue service500
    HDMI, VGA, USB ports repair or replace1000500

    Computer Repair prices:

    Service description Spare Unit cost Service charges
    Desktop Motherboard Repair800-1200
    Desktop FAN replace500-800
    Desktop SMPS replace700/-300
    Desktop No-Display repair 500
    Desktop Hard Disk Replacement 500gb3000500
    Desktop Hard Disk Replacement 1TB4000 500
    Desktop Hard Disk Replacement 250gb1500 500
    Desktop Graphic card 1gb2000300
    Desktop 2gb ram upgrade 2000300
    Desktop 4gb ram upgrade
    Desktop Motherboard Replace (regular) 35001000
    Desktop CPU assembling 500

    Other Services:

    Service description Spare Unit cost Service charges
    Windows OS Installation – C drive formatting-500
    Windows OS Installation – Laptop Genuine recovery-1000
    Windows OS Installation – 10 to 20 GB Data Backup800
    Windows OS Installation – with Original Antivirus software800500
    Windows OS Installation - Original Laptop OS recovery + Backup-2000
    Quick Heal or Kaspersky Installation700200
    Ads clean-up and PC tune up 300
    Ms-office outlook Configuration 500
    Network sharing and router Configuration (if only 1 pc) 500
    Small office Network sharing 1000
    Medium office Networking 10-20 systems 1500-2000
    Printer toner refilling300
    Printer Drives install300
    Printer sharing up to 3 systems500
    Note: All prices are approximate and for estimation purpose only, actual prices may different depends upon on brand, model, specification, taxes and scope of work. Please confirm the final estimation from our technicians before availing or making any purchases